Smadav Latest Version Installer

This site provide direct download link from the official IE to download the software immediately and can be more easily installed. It also links available on this site comes from the official website without changed, if there are errors or broken links immediately comment on comments field becomes available.

Smadav Latest Version Installer

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Smadav antivirus is one of the outstanding and very popular used in all walks of life and also to the State, because it can overcome the various viruses contracted on a Flash Disk or your device.

This antivirus supports all operating systems that you use like Windows, and can also be combined with other antivirus. This antivirus provides support for all operating system so that it is easier to use.

Antivirus Install:

Download Software at the link provided.
Double click on the software you have downloaded.
click continue on the button available.
then follow the on-screen instructions until the application is complete.
the application is ready for use.
If the pro version please read on the official website (

Download Smadav Link:

Support : Windows XP | Vista | 7 | 10/8.
Author :
Support : All OS Windows
Source : Freeware
Update : 2019
Filename : smadav2018rev121.exe

Download Link smadav

Smadav Overview:

Smadav present very long time and continue to be developed to improve the users ' needs, and prevent the influence of the various viruses that are very dangerous to your perngkat, in addition antivirus is very suitable for the whole world, and most users is indonesia.

review direct from the official says that this antivirus database update has been on, so finding a wide range of viruses, which are very dangerous, especially flash disk, because it is used by people to move the data to a computer to another computer .

Antivirus smadav therefore maintain the security of your data is like lost or hidden by a virus that is very dangerous. In addition a jug you can scan manually for viruses and also automatic and many other features that are provided by antivirus.

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